Why You Should Not Pop Pimples Acne and breakouts

Why You Should Not Pop Pimples Acne and breakouts

Pimples are our terror, especially during the adolescent age. Those small red patches on the cheeks do make us feel shattered and terrible. But stop…don’t just pop it to get rid of it. We understand that watching those red blister marks can be quite annoying but trying to prick at it can be even more dangerous. We bring for you a synopsis about pimples and the prominent reasons why should refrain from cracking it.

Why You Should Not Pop Pimples Acne and breakouts

Why You Should Not Pop Pimples Acne and breakouts

What are pimples?
Pimples are basically oil glands that are seen on the facial skin in the form of small inflammations and swellings. It is a very common skin problem during the adolescent age which is equally observed among boys and girls.

Causes of Pimple Formation

There are various factors that are widely associated with the formation of pimples. However, the most prominent causes that are medically proved in relation to pimples include the following:

– Clogging of skin pores
– Exposure to extreme pollution, dust and dirt
– Physical and hormonal changes during puberty
– Bacterial infection
-Dead cell accumulation on skin

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Why You Should Not Pop Pimples Acne and breakouts

Now, let’s steal a look at the reasons why should always refrain from pricking or popping at your pimples. Read below:

It leaves a permanent scar mark: Bursting off a pimple on your face by force can leave a scar mark which is hard to remove. Sometimes, squeezing the pimple can make it red, swollen and hard, thus making it impossible to hide.

It pains a lot: Popping at a pimple do hurt a lot… especially the hard ones. Hence it is always advised that you stop pinching on it. Instead depend on a doctor to help you out in the right way. Also avoid using too much make up and cosmetics on the pimples.

It can cause serious infection problem: Rough handling of pimples also result in serious infection which becomes hard to heal. Take the suggestion of a dermatologist and use herbal products to avoid scarring and blemish marks.

It can add more pimples: It is observed that popping a pimple can become an ongoing problem, resulting in birth of new pimples. As you prick at a pimple, sometimes the fluid gets spread on the skin which results in origin of new ones.

According to medical studies it is revealed that pimples stay for six months approximately. Therefore it is strongly suggested that you abstain from pricking or popping your pimples, even if you feel a powerful urge to do so.

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