The Anti-Cancer Diet

The Anti-Cancer Diet
The Anti-Cancer Diet

The topic I chose to write on today is about The Anti-Cancer Diet.
Its all about using food to prevent & cure Cancer.

What To Eat: Foods that prevent cancer:

1) Garlic and onions
keeps cancer cells in your body from working or multiplying.

2) Turmeric (Haldi)
known to shrink existing cancerous tumors.
Contains an ingredient called curcumin that can inhibit some kinds of cancer cells.


3) Fibrous Foods
Whole And brown Grains: whole-grain or brown bread and rice, barley, oatmeal, popcorn.
Fruits and vegetables – like raddish, carrots, pears and bananas.
Pulses and Legumes – kidney beans (Rajma), Chick peas (Chana), split pulses (dals).

4) Antioxidants:
Restricts cancer from growing or spreading.
Example – green tea, grapes, red wine, Citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, apples, plums, cherries, broccoli.

5) Others – Capsicum and bell peppers, cabbage and spinach.

What To Avoid: Foods that are carcinogenic or are known to cause cancer.

Processed Meat – cold cuts like salami, ham, pepperoni, bacon and sausages.
Processed Meats are preserved by smoking, curing, or salting and contain chemical preservatives, which increases the risk of colon, pancreatic and stomach cancer.

Red Meat – lamb, mutton, beef, cold cuts.

Processed Foods – Canned Tomatoes, soups, tin fish, canned corn, pickles and basically all canned foods, as they contain high amounts of sodium.

Soda and other Aerated drinks – Excess consumption leads to pancreatic cancer.

French fries & potato chips – High temperatures used to cook them typically cause the formation of carcinogenic substances.

High-fibre foods

Sugar and Carbohydrates – Cancer cells use sugar more efficiently to feed itself , and in greater quantities, than healthy cells. You may want to limit or at least moderate your intake to reduce your cancer risk.

Baked foods

Ready to eat or heat n eat foods.

Excess alcohol

If you know of any other such foods, do let me know your experince in the comments section.

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The pictures have been taken from the net for representation purpose and is not owned by me.

Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional. The above tips are just general facts for educational purposes.

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