Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm


  1. The dragonfruit lip balm is actually called ‘the nivea fruity shine pitaya lip balm’ , if that helps you 🙂
    its super moisturizing and probably my fav. it doesnt have a great smell but gives a rally nice colour. i have used up 2 of those and currently using my third one.

  2. 🙁 🙁 Wikipedia says that Labello dragon fruit lip balm was discontinued. Yes, wiki is not legit. Here we have all Labello´s products.
    (Labello and Nivea are produced by the German company Beiersdorf AG)

  3. Hi. The fruity shine just launched here in Malaysia. Does it have that glittery thing on the lip balm? Cos I hate that. If it has then I wouldn’t buy it.


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