Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review

Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream Review


Today I’m going to review my first under eye cream that I’ve used With Potato & Almond Oil extracts.

What Nature’s Essence Claims –
Potato based under eye cream that helps in reducing the under eye dark circles associated with ageing, stress & Environmental factors.
It also moisturizes the skin around the eyes.

Usage – Massage Eye area for 5 mins at night.Leave the cream overnight or wipe it off after 30 mins for desired results

Key Ingredients – Geranium oil, Lavender oil, Potato extracts, Cedar wood oil & Sesame oil.


My Experience:
– This is a thick cream colored non-sticky cream which gets absorbed almost immediately.
It can be used as a good overnight massage Cream.
it almost feels like raw potato paste & works well to heavily moisturize eyes without any greasy feeling.
i have combination skin & normal skin around eyes.
Even though i run miles away from greasy creams, this one keeps me coming back to it.
For those who have oily eyelids, i would suggest use it at night or when you are at home.
Raw potato is very effective in lightening dark areas.
This cream does lighten dark circles but it takes time.
you need to religiously apply it everyday.
I suggest as many times as possible to see fast results.
I saw slight lightening after a month.

Price – Rs. 80 for 40ml

Dirt cheap with good quality offered, will last you almost a month.
You can also use it on other dark spots on your body like knees.

Tub packaging, not very hygienic. although you can use a spatula.
No expiry date mentioned.
takes time to work
though it says that it contians Almond oil, thats nowhere in the ingredient list.

Overall its worth a try & not expensive.

If you’ve used Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream, do let me know your experience in the comments Section.

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  1. After reading a lots of the product and i actually used 1-2 products as i cant take any type of risk with my skin.there is no skin problem(touchwood!!) except dark circles.i drink 6 glass of water approximate.having good review of this product,i bought this product and now i am using doesnt know whether it will work or not

    Crossing mah fingers with a great hope that it will work and then i will also reviewed good about this product.

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