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Todays im going to review a well-known shopping site for you which is
Natural mantra is India’s largest e-commerce website that sells organic and natural products in the categories of personal care, fashion, beauty, cosmetics, wellness, food & nutrition, etc. Shopping Site Experience Shopping Site Experience

What is
Natural Mantra is a one-stop shop for health conscious people, offering a wide range of trusted and genuine Natural, Organic, Ayurvedic and Earth-friendly products. They are committed to making available the best of natural products that are best for us, our families and Mother Earth. Natural Mantra ensures that only the best organic products are available for all our needs. They also provide prompt and efficient delivery and customer service to take care of all our queries and issues. Shopping Site Experience Shopping Site Experience

You guys must be wondering “Why buy natural, organic products when they appear to cost more than comparable products?”
Products that are healthier for you, your family and the environment reflect a level of care, research and quality that other chemically loaded products lack. Many people find that organic and eco-friendly products work more effectively and they need to use less of the same, as natural products tend to use pure, undiluted and uncontaminated ingredients. Therefore, that little extra spent on natural products turns out to be of better value. Natural Mantra believes that everyone should have access to safe, healthy, eco-friendly products. Every product you see on is of the highest quality, at a competitive price. Shopping Site Experience Shopping Site Experience

Shipping– For orders less than Rs.499 shipping, there is a standard shipping rate of Rs 80. All orders above Rs.499 are shipped free of cost. And they also ship internationally. has various organic brands like:
Soul Tree
Lass Naturals
Rustic Art
Clean Planet
Og Mama
Last Forest
NEEV and many more. Shopping Site Experience Shopping Site Experience

My Experience:
I received the Aurva Aromatherapy Face Cream from Natural My order came in a good quality cardboard box with a label on it secured tightly with the company tape. Inside was a leaflet from the brand and the product was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. And their shipping and delivery is quite quick too. I received my order in just 3 days.

The product that I received is excellent for oily skin, as it moisturizes decently without making the face greasy. I didn’t experience any allergies, reactions or breakouts with this organic product. This proves Natural Mantra sells quality organic products, which doesn’t harm your skin in any way. Plus I always belive and have noticed that natural & organic products work better than the chemical ones. Natural mantra also has a wide range of organic & natural food stuffs, for those of you who are health consious like me. Shopping Site Experience Shopping Site Experience

Overall Rating & Verdict: 4 Out of 5. I really enjoyed ordering through Natural online shopping portal and due to my pleasant experience, I would definitely purchase from them again. And why not, In fact I’m thinking of going totally natural & organic & will try to eliminate most chemically loaded products.

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