Garnier BB cream vs Ponds BB cream

Garnier BB cream vs Ponds BB cream

Garnier BB cream Vs Ponds BB cream

There are so many BB creams available in the market. So which one is better than the other. How to choose. This is why today I’m going to compare two of the major BB creams in India and help you decide.

What is a BB cream ?
BB cream also known as beauty balm. BB = light tinted coverage + Moisture + Sunscreen.

So which one is better Garnier or Ponds. I have been using the Garnier BB cream for quite some time now. It has also been reviewed on the blog here. Below are some of the points that helped me decide:

Here are some pictures for comparison:

Garnier BB cream vs Ponds BB cream

Ponds BB cream gives more coverage than Garnier and has more spf. Garnier is more affordable than ponds. Ponds BB cream gives a matte finish but also clings to all the dry patches and accentuates large pores. It gives a white cast. Both Garnier and ponds shade is lighter for me. But since Garnier is sheer, it blends in nicely and gives a natural healthy finish. Whereas, Ponds looks too white on me. Ponds BB cream would be more suitable for oily to combination skin types and for summers. Whereas, Garnier should be more suitable for normal to dry skin types and for winters. Also Garnier has a lovely fragrance. Both of these do transfer.

Price & Availability:
Garnier BB cream – Rs.99 for 18 grams available online on Flipkart
Ponds BB cream – Rs.75 for 9 grams available online on Flipkart

Final Verdict:
Now i do have combination skin – an oily T zone and the rest of my face is dry. Overall, for my skin, I feel Garnier BB cream is a better choice because its gives me a natural finish, blends in with my skin tone, smells amazing and does not highlight the dry areas and pores.
However, I hope Garnier comes up with more darker shades with yellow undertones for Indian skin. Also i hope they improve their formula to provide more coverage.

If you have oily skin or are looking for more coverage, go for ponds. Whereas, if you have dry skin or do not need much coverage, go for Garnier.

Which is your favorite BB cream? do let me know in the comments section.

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