EverYuth Naturals Cream Face Wash review


Hi Ladies,

I’m back with yet another review of Everyuth Face wash & this time it’s their cream face wash that I’m going to review.
Its Priced at Rs. 45 for a quantity of 60 grams (+12 grams free, Yipee)
EverYuth Naturals Cream Face has a peach silvery creamy texture & non-Runny consistency.


Let me tell you about the Product specifications first.

What EverYuth Claims – EverYuth Naturals Cream Face is enriched with the natural goodness of peach, aloe & wild cherry.
Unlike soaps, it does not leave the skin with a dry & stretched feel.
EverYuth Face Wash nourishes, moisturizes & deep cleanses the skin, leaving it soft, supple & perfectly moisturized.

Directions for use – Squeeze out a small quantity onto your palm.
Work up lather & gently massage your face.
Rinse with water & pat your skin dry.
Use two or three times

Fragrance – Somehow all the face washes from Everyuth range has this fake kind of smell which I really hate.

Packaging – This one is a white & peach plastic tube with a Screw as well as flip top cap, travel friendly, quite sturdy. It will not leak in your bag.


My Experience with EverYuth Naturals Cream Face Wash
I picked up this face wash just randomly, as I got bored with my regular one.
It doesn’t lather much. So I have to take some on my palm with water, later & then apply it on my face.
It does clean but does not deep clean & I don’t get that squeaky clean feel that I like.
I have combination skin with an oily Tzone which tends to become normal in winters, excluding my nose though.
After washing my face with this, I do not get any dry or stretchy feel on my facial skin.
Although I have not seen any moisturizing effects.
Also I prefer deep cleansing face washes, so this is certainly not for me.
Nothing wow about this product, it’s just a cheap face wash.
Overall it’s just an okay face wash.

Suitable for dry and normal skin.
Very cheap
100% soap free & creamy face wash.

Not suitable for Oily and combination skin.
Fake smell which seems unbearable.
Medium lather
Does not foam very well
False claims of nourishing, moisturizing & deep cleaning.

My rating – 2.5 out of 5

Will i repurchase – No, Hence forth, I’m going to run miles away from all EverYuth face washes. They do simply nothing for me.

Would I recommend – yes, to those who are looking for a budget friendly, okay kind of face wash for dry or normal skin.

If you have used this or any other EverYuth face wash or have any queries, please let me know in the comments section.

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