Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme Review

Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme Review

Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme Review

Everteen has launched a new product and its called their Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme. This hair removal cream is especially designed for sensitive ares like the bikini line and underarms. Its a one of a kind product available in India, but does it work.

Price: Rs. 149 for 50 grams. Available online on Flipkart

Shelf Life: 24 months.

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Product claims:
Everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line is specially designed for sensitive skin areas like bikini line and underarms. It is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract. With “ No Harsh Smell” formula of Everteen, your bikini line gets soft & gentle cleaning with no itching and no irritation. It effectively removes hair without any skin burning and provides you soft & smoother bikini line.

Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme Review

I was so excited to try out Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme, especially since there’s nothing similar available here. Upon application, I feel a warm sensation on my skin. its not uncomfortable or burning, just a bit warm. I kept the cream on for 5 mins, as advised on the package. After removing the cream with the spatula, all the hair did not come off. I had to rub with a wipe to actually get the weakened hair out. Also I noticed uneven hair removal, rubbing the skin actually made it irritated. I tried Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme on my underarms and bikini line. And both the times, same thing happened. I had to do a second application to remove all the hair. Unfortunately, this process was really time consuming. Shaving would have been quicker and more efficient. The cream itself didn’t cause any irritation but rubbing to get the hair out was. I have tried other everteen products in the pasts and they all impressed me. I so wanted this to work but sadly this product failed to deliver.Also I didn’t notice soft or smoother skin after application. The moisturizing effect was not there.

Available online on Flipkart
Didn’t cause any skin irritation or itching, on its own.
No Harsh Smell

Removes hair unevenly, needs double applications on coarse hair.
Time Consuming.

Overall Verdict:
Its an average product, it gets the job done. But you have to put it more time and effort for the same.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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