Elois Hair removal Cream Review

Elois Hair removal Cream Review

Elois Hair removal Cream Review

I was recently sent Elois Hair removal Cream for review. I had never heard of this brand before they approached me. So I was intrigued and curious to know how the product works out for me. I have extremely dry skin. So I chose the hair removal cream meant for dry skin which contains Papaya Extract.

Price: INR 40. Available online.

Quantity: 25 grams.

Shelf Life: 36 months.

Elois Hair removal Cream Review

Comes in 3 variants:
Dry skin – Papaya Extract
Normal skin – Rose Essence
Sensitive skin – Aloe Vera Extract

Elois Hair removal Cream Review

I have tried Veet hair removal cream before. But mostly I prefer waxing, as the hair grows back slowly. The hair needs to grow fully before the next waxing session. And if you have any function to attend in between, that’s where the hair removal cream comes in handy.
I had some hair growth and tried Elois Hair removal Cream on my arms, as i didn’t have time to wax. The 25 grams tube was less in quantity and didn’t cover my full arms. The cream also comes with a pink spatula. I kept the cream on my arms for about 5-6 mins. After rinsing, it removed all hair uniformly. You know how some hair removal creams do not remove all the hair, that is so annoying. Anyways I didnt get any irritation or redness. Elois Hair removal Cream was very gentle on my skin. It also didnt cause any darkening post usage.

Removes hair uniformly.
Didn’t cause any redness or irritation.
No darkening post usage.
Mild pleasing fragrance.
Contains natural extracts.

Too drying, doesn’t spread easily.
Less Quantity.

Overall: If you’re looking for an affordable hair removal cream that gets the job done without causing any irritation, redness or darkening, definitely try the Elois Hair removal Cream.

Rating: 3/5.

You can check more product details on their website http://www.premhenna.com/hair-removal-cream.html

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