Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Review

Dove Deep Pure Face Wash Review


My facial skin type – Combination (Oily T-Zone & normal)

Price & Quantity – Rs. 79 for 50g

Dove claims:
Deeply Cleansed & Translucent Skin
Dove’s new revolutionary micro-puff technology has invisibly fine & fluffy exfoliants that gently cleanse dirt and excessive sebum from clogged pores.
Rinsed off easily with water.

Texture– Creamy, silky & thick
The amount that you in the below picture can actually be used 10 times to wash face.


The first time I used this on my face, I could actually see the difference.
This claims to exfoliate & minimize pores even without the granules or micro beads.
And yes my pores were minimized to a noticeable level.
Although this is a creamy face wash, it does not leave a moisturizing film on face unlike other dove products.
Neither does it make your skin dry. Also no shiny or slippery cast is left behind.
However, since it deep cleans, skin looks instantly brightened.
The brightening effect is similar to that of fairness face washes.
Leaves my skin squeaky clean, which is the way I like it.
Overall it’s an ok face wash & it’s great at removing all oil & skin impurities

Exfoliates & shrinks pores without any abrasive scrubbing
very little amount is required for one wash, so the 50ml tube should do at least for 2 months. It has a crazy lather. You actually require only a microscopic tint amount for one wash.
Suitable for Oily, combination & normal skin.
Does not leave behind any residue,
No stretchy dry feeling on face after washing
No foam, or bubbles but lathers really really well
Non irritant, didn’t cause any breakouts
Mild fragrance.

Not suitable for Dry skin
My friend who has dry dark skin also complained that this face wash was making her skin dark, although i did not feel the same.

Will I buy again – not really, I would like to stick to my HG face washes (Yes I have 2 of them. Lol)

Let me know your experience in the comments section if you have used this.

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