Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub Review


  1. Well I use the same cleanser (and love it!) but it truly depndes on your skin. I noticed a difference in about a week but my skin is pretty clear. I suggest when using the cleanser, rubbing it in in circular motions (gently) for 30-60 secs. afterward, DAB your face dry and use their Deep Cleaning Astringent right afterward by applying with a cotton ball. After your face is dry, try a moisturizer. i do this twice a day (especially during the summer and sometimes during the winter i wont use the astringent)hope i helped!

  2. I actually have a pretty dry skin and I do have a problem with that, but it actually started to be better after using this product and also I got rid of most of my black spots on my head, nose and a bit on cheeks and I am using it for about 4 days. But I still have plenty of problems with my skin so I need to find something for that too.

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