Avon Care Fairness Face Wash with Licorice Review

Avon Care Fairness Face Wash with Licorice Review


Price – Rs.65 for 50 grams

What Avon Claims:
Avon Care fairness face wash effectively cleanses up dirt, excess oils and lipids without over drying the skin, leaving skin clean, refreshed, soft & smooth with glow.
Formulated with Licorice extract.
Gentle to the skin.
Suitable for everyday use.
Allergy tested.
Dermatologist tested

Consistency & texture – it’s a thick transparent gel.


Packaging – small white & pink tube with blue screw cap.

Fragrance – The fragrance is quite pleasant, mild & fruity. Infact I’ve never known any other face wash with such a pleasant smell. Its very mesmerising, like aroma therapy for me.

How to Use:
Apply desired amount onto wet hands & create lather.
Gently smooth onto face in circular motion.
Rinse & pat dry.

My Experience:
I’ve been using Avon Licorice Fairness Face Wash since two months now & thought of writing a review.
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting fairness. I was actually looking for a good cleanser for my combination skin.
However, I was pleasantly surprised by how effective this face wash is at deep cleaning.
If you are looking for a moisturising face wash, you may skip this.
Although this face wash does not dry skin.
The fairness claim made by Avon is totally untrue.
Since it deep cleans & makes your face 100% oil-free, face looks radiant.
(Oil-free skin looks fairer).
Actually if you see none of the fairness face wash will give you fairness but they make your skin completely oil-free & give you a glow.
And that’s what this face wash does.
If you have oily or combination skin, you’re going to love it.
Also normal skin girls can also give it a try.

Deep cleanses all oil, dirt & impurities.
Good for all skin types, especially oily & combination. Although Dry skin girls may like to use a moisturising face wash.
Does not give the dry, stretchy feeling.
It lathers very well
A Pea-sized amount of this face wash is enough for 1 wash.

Did not give any fairness.
It stings my eyes a bit, so be careful while using it.

Rating – 4.5 out of 5.

If you’ve used this product, do let me know your experience in the comments section.

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