500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway

500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway
500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway

500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway

As many of you know, we have crossed 500 followers on Facebook and Google+. I was planning on doing a 500 Followers Giveaway for a long time now. For some reason, it got delayed. As, I was so busy with other things. Anyways here it is now.

500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway
500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

The contest is only open to Indian residents only.
There will be 4 winners.
The contest is open till 01 January 2015. Winners will be announced after that.

500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway
500 Facebook and Google+ Followers Giveaway


1. Karen Murrell Lavender Lipstick
2. Tips & Toes Eye Pencil.
3. Essence White Kajal Pencil
4. Everyuth Naturals Fairness Peel Off Mask

Here’s what you need to do to win:

1. Follow us/ like page/ Subscribe on:
Facebook YouTube Google+ Twitter and Instagram
(Check your YouTube subscription settings. Make sure your subscriptions are not private, so we can confirm that you guys have subscribed. )

2. Subscribe to our blog via email:
Subscribe to BeautyGyaan by email & confirm your subscription by clicking on the link which will be emailed to you. (There is an option on the right side of the blog to subscribe.)

3. Comment/ Email:
Once you’re done with all of the above, email me on althea@beautygyaan.com with your Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Instagram Ids and city. You can also put these details in the comments section of this post, If you do not wish to email.

4. Share this post: (Optional)
Share this post publicly on your Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram by tagging us and 2 of your friends and increase your chances of winning.

Important note: If you unfollow after winning, You will disqualify for future giveaways. I have planned many more giveaways in the coming months.

If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Hello,

    ♥ Here is my details ♥

    Facebook Name: Bhawna Chirps

    Twitter Handle: @bhawnachirps

    Google+ : +BhawnaVarshney11

    Instagram: @bhawnachirps

    Youtube: Bhawna Varshney

    City: Faridabad

    Facebook Share Link : https://www.facebook.com/internetjob.bharti/posts/776866289068444?pnref=story

    Twitter Share Link: https://twitter.com/bhawnachirps/status/546602907211014144

    Google+ Share Link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BhawnaVarshney11/posts/gB9MKm1YXWv

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the opportunity…amazing giveaway.. 🙂
    I have followed all the rules.

    Facebook: Huma Sheikh

    YouTube: huma sheikh

    Google+: +huma sheikh

    Twitter: @humasheikhhuma2

    Instagram: @humasheikh22

    City: Jabalpur M.P.

    Subscribe email ID: humasheikhhuma@gmail.com

    shared link:
    Fb Link: https://www.facebook.com/huma.sheikh.9404/posts/1555739574665036?pnref=story

    twitter: https://twitter.com/humasheikhhuma2/status/546681217681072128

    google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/114600112498752515419/posts/Ck6v5cXn17E

    wish to win..:)

  3. Hi
    Completed all entries hoping to win some Free Stuffs for my Wife 😛


    Facebook: Aashish Sharma (https://www.facebook.com/aashish.sharma13)
    YouTube: Aashish Sharma
    Google+: Aashish Sharma
    Twitter: @ineedseo
    Instagram: @seobrainzz
    Subscribtion Email- epromotors@gmail.com
    City: Roorkee

    Facebook share:-> https://www.facebook.com/aashish.sharma13/posts/10205653186037993
    Tweet:-> https://twitter.com/IneedSEO/status/547371488244817922
    G+ Post Share:-> https://plus.google.com/114611553464315424644/posts/TwNyu82txrB

    Aashish Sharma

  4. Facebook: Apoorva Dhuper
    YouTube: Apoorva Dhuper
    Google+: Apoorva Dhuper
    Twitter: Apoorva Dhuper
    Instagram: Apoorva Dhuper
    Subscribtion Email- pua1103@gmail.com
    City: delhi
    FB SHARE https://www.facebook.com/apoorva.dhuper/posts/741982205886246?pnref=story
    GOOGLE SHARE https://plus.google.com/u/0/102253657373988540405/posts
    TWITTER SHARE https://twitter.com/apoorvadhuper
    SUBSCRIBED AT YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKuq_UTqUkmD3PfFOZoqag
    followed at instagram

  5. hey…lovely giveaway..

    FACEBOOK ID-siri sha
    …done….thank u so much

  6. Lovely Giveaway! thank u for the oppurtunity 🙂

    Facebook Name: Hameetha Nasreen
    Google+ : Hameetha Nasreen
    Youtube : Hameetha Nasreen
    Twitter: @magicaldewdrop
    Subscribed email: hamee_n@yahoo.com
    City: Nagercoil, Tamilnadu

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